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Even Gvirol : Change for one of the main arteries of Tel Aviv!


The Tel Aviv District Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal of several merchants opposing the various tel aviv Tama 38 and Pinouy Binouy (projects, including plans to relocate the inhabitants of a building / quarter temporarily in order to destroy their Building / neighborhood and rebuild larger and new; The former owners receive in return for an apartment whose rents are paid during the duration of the work, and then a larger dwelling) on the grounds that these various projects risk changing the geographical location of their businesses in tel aviv .


Although this appeal was unsuccessful, it will still paralyze the progress of these tel aviv projects for 13 months.


A first Tama 38 project is expected to be launched shortly and thus pave the way for other urban renewal projects in Tel-Aviv .


This project is a test drive for the municipality of Tel Aviv who is planning a real renewal of this avenue which is one of the central arteries of Tel Aviv.

Currently, two buildings of 3 flloors each  stand at numbers 144 and 146 of the avenue; The project plans to destroy them, then to build two new ones in their place of 8 floors each, with in their DRC commercial zones: 4 businesses for the number 144 and 3 businesses for the 146.


Thus, for these two addresses, there is talk of moving from 17 apartments currently to 56 apartments


according to Master Ziv GRUMAN, specializing in urban renewal and representing the owners of these 2 addresses, the tender has already taken place and the promoter "Karasso Real Estate in the city" has been selected to carry out these 2 real estate projects in tel aviv  .


At this stage, 80% of owners' signatures have been met.

Construction is expected to begin in 2018 and development is planned for 2020.


Source : Calcalist